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Why most of the weddings you go to suck.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

We have all been to that wedding where nothing seems... real. Maybe real is the wrong word. Boring... fake... contrite... sucky. We sit there and vow to never have a crappy wedding like THIS!

The reason that most weddings suck, is that people make three critical mistakes when planning their special day. 1, they try too hard to portray happiness... 2, they don't remain grounded and true to their real selves... 3, they bring on the wrong vendors.

Most weddings are so stressful to brides and grooms. They want the perfect day so bad that they aren't thinking about what truly matters in order for the wedding to be successful. I'm going to give you four pieces of advice that I hope you will take without offence and apply it to your once in a lifetime event.

I have done over 700 weddings in 12 years and I've seen it all. Big weddings, small weddings, weddings with animals, weddings with fights - ALL! I've been involved in weddings that REALLY sucked and had to grin and bare it. I've been pushed into a corner - like most DJs - and forced to endure the suckiness served out to hundreds of poor unsuspecting wedding guests without a chance to intervene and make things better. Kills me! Needless to say, I'm an expert wedding vendor who has the scars to prove it.

  1. DON'T GET YOUR COUSIN TO MC! - This is the worst mistake people make. Just because your bestie or your cousin makes your mom and dad laugh, doesnt mean he will be a great wedding mc. In fact, he will suck, and everyone will know it... worse... they will feel it. Most non-professionals fizzle out half way and run out of "jokes". When that happens, they tens to roast the groom or anyone close to them and then it becomes awkward. Most MCs Google their speeches and jokes and try to pull them off with no preparation. It's sad. I see it so often that I hear the same jokes at multiple weddings. It makes me cry inside when the audience laughs cuz they don't know how much the event is actually sucking, and how it could be so much better with a pro MC.

  2. THE CEREMONY IS FOR THE BRIDE, THE RECPETION IS FOR YOUR GUESTS - When you plan a wedding, you must separate the events. Plan two separate events for one day. The ceremony is all about how beautiful the bride is - not so much the groom lol - and the reception is about your guests. At most weddings, 75% of the time, people are seated. In a chair waiting to be fed... putting up with your drunk cousin MC cracking sucky jokes that make you cringe. Hire professionals who know how to lead your friends and family through the evening in style. Dancing is the easy part - booze plays a role in this and it makes the DJ seem like a superstar. Make sure you have a pro to make your moment mean something.

  3. FLOWERS ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE WEDDING TRAP - It's definitely an ego purchase. The lack of choices to decorate a room mean that people spend an exhorberant amount of money on flowers. The flower people sell you on a dream and most people buy into it. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A FLOWER BOMB GO OFF AT YOUR WEDDING! Keep it simple and spend your hard earned money (or your parents) on entertainment and food. That's all people care about - eating and laughing. The most successful weddings I've been a part of had amazing buffets and outstanding entertainment.

  4. COMPETITION, INTERACTION AND EMOTION ARE THE SECRET - Unless you want to have a miserable time, bore your guests to death and leave them feeling empty - you gotta have these three elements in place to make the event unforgettable. Competition raises adrenaline and excitement, interaction makes everyone feel included and emotion is what makes people feel like your wedding doesnt suck. When people are emotionally attached to moments of your day, they never forget your wedding. You could have sparklers and fireworks, but who cares. Those don't evoke any feelings that people care about. The reason why everyone wants to see the first dance... why they cry when the bride walks out in her white dress... when the speeches from mom and dad hit deep... is because those things evoke emotions of joy. People don't care about the fancy things you put on display... they care about feeling that you two love each other.

So thats my opinion and I'm sticking to it! lol. This is what The Party Pros Vancouver - ACDJ Mike and Kel the Magician believe in and strive to achieve with every event we attend. But the main thing to always remember is that the more you keep your event real... don't be fake... the more people will enjoy sharing the most amazing day of your life!

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