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How much should you pay for a DJ?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

OK... lets get this out of the way right now. Yes... DJs are overpriced man-children who have inflated egos thinking they are more important than they really are. We are people who used to love music, but eventually become jaded and end up listening to more talk radio than new music. We become old faster than any wedding vendor due to the evolution of music and death of our generation's music genres...

But with that said, it is one of the most important jobs in the event business that should not be taken lightly EVER!

Every is looking for the best value, but not really. What most people are looking for are ways to save money. Weddings are expensive. The average wedding in BC is between 15 and 25k. There are ways to save money - flowers, guest numbers, venue spaces - but you should never cheap out on the man or woman that is setting the tone and vibe for your special day.

It's a misconception that you can get a great DJ for an affordable price. Experience has cost levels. When I first started, I charged $500 for a wedding and that got me hired every weekend of the season, and outside of the season too.... cheap, inexperienced DJ. As I grew in my position, I began to charge more. I bought better gear, invested in music, invested in my set-up. I paid attention to details at weddings. To this day, my pet peeve is the DJ with the black table cloth. Ugh! Looks so blah!! A pro will not let you see his gear, wires and equipment.

Your DJ can make or break your wedding. Here's some things you should consider before hiring a cheap DJ:.

  1. A cheap Dj has cheap gear. It looks bad and chances are, it might sound horrible.

  2. A cheap DJ probably has a week day job and isn't completely dedicated to trying to be the best in his industry. They are weekend warriors trying to make side cash.

  3. A cheap DJs doesn't care about how your guests are going to feel after the event.

  4. A cheap DJ probably won't ask you many questions outside of what your favourite songs are.

  5. A cheap DJ doesn't know what to do when something goes wrong. Something usually does go wrong, but cheap DJs fold under pressure.

  6. A cheap DJ hasn't been to many weddings.

  7. A cheap DJ doesn't realize the value of presentation over performance.

  8. A cheap DJ won't read the crowd and play what the people want... they will play what they want.

  9. A cheap DJ doesnt even think that there's more to his existence than being a cheap DJ.

  10. A cheap DJ competes with other cheap DJs and usually tries to be the cheapest - is that what you want? Someone who competes for cheapness?

This is what you should be looking for when it comes to your wedding DJ. And trust me... it's not cheap, but definitely worth it:

  1. A quality DJ has a professional looking info package that gives you more information than what kind of gear he's bringing to your event.

  2. A quality DJ has suggestions as to what you can do to make your day more special. Usually things you wouldn't have even though of before meeting them.

  3. A quality DJ shows up 2 hours before your event to make sure everything works as it should.

  4. A quality DJ upgrades his gear and presentation every year.

  5. A quality DJ makes your event the most important thing he does all week. If he works more than one day that week... every event is the most important.

  6. A quality DJ has done a lot of events and has a solution to any issue.

  7. A quality DJ engages with the crowd, reads the room and plays music that elevates the vibe when needed.

  8. A quality DJ knows what song to play at the right time.

  9. A quality DJ should know how to MC. If you have been to a lot of events, you know how to speak the wedding language and act appropriately. Not every DJ is an extrovert, but over years of experience, moving people along at an event is second nature.

All this may sound harsh, but other quality DJs will agree that the little things are the important things - presentation, experience and dedication. When you hire a DJ, make sure they give a damn about you and your event. Ask them questions that matter... can my guests make requests? How much experience do you have? Do you have any reviews I can see? HOW MANY WEDDINGS HAVE YOU DONE!!?

When you hire The Party Pros Vancouver, you get a combined 22 years of experience. ACDJ has 12 years of weddings - over 700 events, and Kel the Magician has been at the top of his game for over 20 years. You get the absolute best entertainment combo in BC, guaranteed to make your guests say... and I've heard it so many times... "this is the best wedding I've ever been to!"

Oh, and to answer the burning question...

$1000 and lower = cheap DJ

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