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Welcome to Mr. Wedding - Weddings no longer suck!

Trust us... we don't suck at weddings!

Welcome to Mr. Wedding - Weddings no longer suck!, a unique blog here for you to explore. Here we talk about why you should hire a DJ, MC or Magician that cares about your event! 

We explore the reasons to hire serious wedding professionals to ensure that your wedding or event is unique, memorable and the envy of all your friends and family!

You don't have to have a wedding that sucks! Put your special day in the hands of PARTY PROFESSIONALS! 

I hope you enjoy the blog and contact us with any questions!

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War on the Roses

Hopefully that title caught your attention. Its been over 11 years of weddings for me. Brides in white, black, red, orange, purple and...

Most boring weddings end in a divorce.

I did a wedding in 2015 at one of the more prestigious venues in Vancouver. I mean opulence galore! They had $15k in flowers, 3 wedding...

Why most of the weddings you go to suck.

We have all been to that wedding where nothing seems... real. Maybe real is the wrong word. Boring... fake... contrite... sucky. We sit...

How much should you pay for a DJ?

OK... lets get this out of the way right now. Yes... DJs are overpriced man-children who have inflated egos thinking they are more...

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